• Friday 9 August at 21:00
  • Traditional & Folk music

    a different approach of Greek traditional and folk music

  • Price of Ticket:
    • €10
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Rizà (translated into ‘roots’, ‘foothills’) is the creative project of three musicians who attempt a different approach of Greek traditional and folk music, with unadorned music arrangements in an acoustic mood. Rather than deliberately experimenting, they look upon the concept of evolution as an inherent element of tradition.

Rizà sound is shaped by: Themistoklis Karpodinis (voice), known mainly for his leading roles as an actor and performer in the theatrical plays of Dimos Avdeliodis and Bijoux de Kant, as well as from his recent release with Greek folk songs (rebetika), entitled “Bootleggers”; Costinho aka Costis Zouliatis (piano), known as founding member of bands like Night On Earth and Rebetators, for his collaborations (Thanassis Papakonstantinou, Maria Kotti et al), as well as for his solo work in improvisation and composition for the theatre; and Petros Lambrides (double-bass) who has a long time presence in recordings and concerts within music projects of diverse styles (Checkmate in 2 flats, Night On Earth, Johnie Thin Trio, Sofia Sarri, Athenian Mandolinata – Nikolaos Lavdas etc.).

Their first album, which features nine traditional songs – mainly originated from Greek islands – will be released in September 2019 in vinyl and CD.

Themistoklis Karpodinis: voice
Costinho: piano
Petros Lamprides: double-bass

Vasiliki Bogdanou: production, contact

Interview at Echo FM