The planning of the Mayor of Paros and his entourage on how and to whom the Park will end up was finally revealed, after many misleading moves and many statements assuring the contrary.

His recent assurances that the Park will continue the same course relied on a distinguished academic specializing in eco-park management, who would lead the new board, whose name however, as well and his relationship to Paros, was kept a secret.

We now know that it is Mr. Andreas Andreopoulos, a chemical engineer, professor at the Athens Polytechnic, specializing in waste management and not ecological Parks, who has no personal relation with Paros, other than being a research fellow to Mr. Katris, who is manager of WATT SA, a company that manages the Recycling Sorting Centre of Paros, has in his possession the old municipal Hostel of Naoussa and is the entrepreneur exploiting the beach of Farangas.

The Mayor was asking, as an alibi to his plans, to Nikos Malatestas, the current Board Director and board member of the Park since 2009, to join the new board, promising that its composition with the academic as chairman and important citizens from the local community would ensure the continuity of the Park.

Yesterday though, when he found-out that the correlations did not suit him, he changed his plans and the place of Nikos Malatestas was given to Mr. Vassilis Gavalas, known in the Parian society from his financial management of the Public Health Centre as its director. It seems that Mr Gavalas will be the new managing director of the Park.

The Mayor will complete the fall and destruction of the Park’s character with two more detractors of the Park, municipal councillors of the majority, taking place in the new board: Mr. Koudromichalis, now Deputy Mayor and Mr. Tripolitsiotis, municipal councillor, for whom I have already sent a letter to the Mayor, which I attach.

Today the municipal councillors of the majority and of the opposition will decide if they will endorse the proposal of the mayor and his entourage to convert the Park again into a beach bar disco or whether they will preserve the unique peninsula of Aï-Yiannis for the children of Paros, to whom it belongs, honouring volunteers and donors who supported it all these years.

If they want to support the Park, they can include in the new Board of Directors experienced executives who have contributed over 10 years to its management, persons who have been proposed by the outgoing Board of Directors, representatives of the Naïas Association, which has its headquarters in the Park, and of the association of the Friends of the Park.

For the Board of Directors of the Park the following persons have been suggested:
Malatestas Nikos, current Board Director
Kasapidis Tasos, former Board Director
Symeonidou Elena, Environmental Program Officer of the Park.

And the following as alternate members:
Koulianos Yiannis
Polycandriot Anna
Anna Kangani

Representatives of the following bodies should also participate in the new Board of Directors:
Naoussa Municipal Council
Association of the Friends of the Park
Naïas Nautical Club

And a postscript:

Sustainable Development and its applied model in Aï-Yiannis’ Park have become a catchphrase on the lips of the Mayor and his entourage. At first, we thought he didn’t understand the meaning of these concepts and abused them, now we realize that he’s using them deliberately to conceal gloomy plans for the Park’s conversion.

Elisavet Papazoi
7 November 2019